Recent technological advancements brought many innovations, especially in the communications industry. If you remember, Microsoft introduced a new vision for intelligent communications with bundled plans in 2017, which evolved Microsoft Teams into the primary provider for calling and meetings in Office 365.

This does not end there. Recently, Microsoft gladly brought another innovation for us to use, especially now when almost everything transitions online.

Microsoft brings comprehensive calling and meetings capabilities into Microsoft Teams, along with data and insights from the Microsoft Graph, and a strong roadmap of innovation to empower teams to achieve more goals and read more people. Behold, the Microsoft Teams Telephony.

Many new calling capabilities are brought forth in Teams to provide full-featured dialing capabilities, bundled complete with hold/resume, call history, speed dial, transfer, caller ID masking, forwarding, multi-call handling, extension dialing, voicemail, simultaneous ringing, and text telephone (TTY) support.

How is Microsoft Teams Telephony Integrated to our Operations?

It is pretty simple. Microsoft Teams Telephony is automatically included with Office 365 E5 and is also available as an add-on to other Office 365 plans. From there, just choose a calling plan for any number of users in your organization. A calling plan and phone system combined are what make your very own phone system for your organization.

What is Included in this Microsoft Telephony System?

A complete Microsoft Telephony System will give each user in your organization a primary phone number. This will let them make and receive phone calls to and from outside of your organization.

Are There Other Benefits?

With Microsoft Teams Telephony, you can finally say bye-bye to your expensive telephone hardware, and just simplify this entire communications process by centralizing the management of your phone system.

With the addition of calling, Microsoft Teams is an even more robust hub for teamwork. Meaning, you automatically have a single place for your content, contacts, and communications including chat, meetings, and calling in a modern and innovative collaboration experience.

What differentiates IDMT’s Microsoft Teams Telephony plans from others?

IDMT has partnered with NuWave Technologies, a global telecommunications company, to take advantage of their SHARED calling plans, so every user does not need a dedicated calling plan.

Call us today to learn more about the SHARE plan and how it can save your organization over 50% on your telephone service.

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